📢 Great news! The Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge has approved on July 18 the regulations that develop the System of Energy Saving Certificates (CAE) in Spain. This measure seeks to facilitate compliance with the national energy saving objectives established by European regulations.

The CAE will allow energy and gas traders, as well as wholesale operators of oil products and LPG, to meet their savings obligations in a more flexible manner, benefiting both consumers and boosting employment, productivity and business competitiveness.

The new ministerial order also addresses key elements of Royal Decree 36/2023, such as the figure of the Delegate Subject, the Energy Saving Verifier and the CAE National Registry.

In addition, within the framework of this initiative, an important step has also been taken with the approval of the catalog of standardized energy efficiency measures through Order TED/845/2023, of July 18. This will provide a solid basis for implementing efficient and standardized measures in the energy field, thus driving the transition towards a more sustainable and environmentally responsible economy.

We are enthusiastic about these advances and we are confident that these new regulations will contribute significantly to the fight against climate change and the optimization of energy resources.

We attach a presentation on what the CAE’s System is and how it works (see link here)

Let’s continue working together for a more sustainable and efficient future in the energy field!

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