Project Description

Project title:Energy audit for ZF Services Spain
Client:ZF Services España S.L.U.

We renew the trust of ZF Services España S.L.U. to carry out the group’s energy audit in Spain.

The energy audit is carried out to know and promote a set of energy improvement measures to be carried out in the company. Energy consumption is analyzed to establish processes to contribute to energy saving, the efficiency of primary energy consumption and to optimize the energy demand of energy-consuming facilities, equipment or systems. Energy audits have to be carried out every four years from the date of the previous energy audit according to RD 56/2016.

The energy audit is generally governed by EN 16247-1 and is supplemented by the following parts:

– EN 16247-2: Buildings.

– EN 16247-3: Industrial processes.

– EN 16247-4: Transport.

Likewise, and in the case of the group audit, those criteria defined in the energy review according to ISO 50001: 2018 are incorporated.