There is the possibility of requesting a deduction for works to improve the consumption of non-renewable primary energy, warns the company specialized in engineering and photovoltaic installations for self-consumption.

The 2023 Income Statement campaign ends on June 30, and from PACI Global, a company specialized in photovoltaic installations for self-consumption, we report that there are tax benefits in the income statement for the installation of photovoltaic solar panels.

In addition to economic aid and subsidies in the field of energy efficiency, whether you are a user of self-consumption, there is the possibility of requesting a deduction for works to improve the consumption of non-renewable primary energy.

We warn that it is “as long as the non-renewable primary energy consumption indicator is reduced by at least 30% or an improvement in the energy rating of the home is achieved to obtain an ‘A’ or ‘B’ energy class, in the same rating scale.

Next, we explain the possibilities of deductions in the Income statement:

Maximum base of application and percentage of tax relief. Two basic aspects of the income benefits for installing solar panels are the maximum base of application and the percentage of deduction in personal income tax.

In the first case, the maximum application base is 7,500 euros; but if subsidies are received now or in the future, it is necessary to subtract that amount from the limit, that is, if the Net Base were 1,500 euros or less, the total amount could not be deducted. In addition, the taxpayer is entitled to a reduction in the Taxable Base, but it is important to clarify that he will not be entitled to a refund.

In the case of the deduction percentage, it is possible to reduce taxes by 40%, as long as it is taken into account that if this deduction is requested in the tax return and a subsidy is subsequently received that covers the same amount that had already been deducted, the tax situation will have to be regulated.

Economic advantages of installing solar panels in Spain. In our country there are various financial aids and subsidies that can be requested if solar panels are installed in homes, communities or companies. These aids are of three types and are of a European, regional and also municipal nature. As has been seen, they must be taken into account when making the 2023 Income Statement.

  • European aid, managed by the Autonomous Communities, comes from Next Generation funds, with an amount determined for each region.
  • Tax deductions in personal income tax.
  • Tax deductions in some regions.
  • Municipal aid and tax discounts such as the Property Tax (IBI), the Installations, Construction and Works Tax (ICIO) and the Economic Activities Tax (IAE).

These aids turn out to be an essential factor when making the 2023 Income statement, since, in the case of requesting them and having received them, they must be included in the calculation of the benefits in the Income statement for installing solar panels .

From PACI GLOBAL we inform you and help you in the processing of these aids.

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