On April 21 and 22 (Wednesday and Thursday), from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., in the hands of IFD (Instituto de Formación Directiva), we will carry out a Webinar “M-04 NORMA ISO 50001: 2018”, to professionals who carry out their functions in the field of energy management and who wish to develop tools for better professional management, as well as any other person interested in receiving training to be able to implement or adapt energy management systems (EnMS) based on the new ISO 50001: 2018 standard.

ISO 50001 is a management system that offers companies that implement it measurable benefits in terms of costs, since it promotes the best practices in energy management, analyzing and testing how energy is consumed in its value chain.

The objective of the session is to discuss in detail both the latest version of the ISO 50001 standard, as well as the main changes, novelties and modifications that said standard has undergone in its new version, and to provide participants with all the necessary knowledge and tools so that are able to identify, understand and apply all these changes to the energy management systems of their companies.

Among other topics will be covered: vocabulary and terms related to the standard; the requirements of the new ISO 50001: 2018 standard; the content and main changes and novelties compared to the previous version, the impact of the changes on companies and organizations; the transition plan; the success criteria for the effective and practical management of documentation and records, etc.

The Webinar will feature the International Director of PACI GLOBAL, Doctor of Industrial Engineering, Consultant, Advisor, Trainer, Auditor and Associate Professor at different Universities and Business Schools. who will teach the course divided into a theoretical section and a multitude of examples, exercises and practical cases based on real situations, to facilitate understanding of the requirements and for students to evaluate their degree of understanding and applicability to their job .

Places are limited. And all students who take the training will receive a certificate of attendance and use of the course issued both by IFD (Instituto de Formación Directiva), as by the TÜV NORD certifying entity.

Registration and more information in the following LINK.